UE4 Launcher - Ability to change the download location

Hey guys,
I noticed recently that the ability to choose the download location for marketplace items no longer exists, back when I first started using the engine there was a small link underneath the download button that allowed you to choose the destination, and that was great! However since version ~4.2 (when a major update occurred to the launcher, not sure exactly when, but a couple months back) the link was removed and has been gone since.

I had a look through the *.ini files for the launcher, but did not find any setting for download location. Is there a setting in the ini’s I can add to get functionality?

I use SSD’s (at the time purchased 240gb was the limit as far as affordability), and would like to have a , or ini setting that could allow me to set a different download path. I know is somewhat trivial, but would be very helpful, as moving the download afterwards makes it disappear from the vault, I can still open it through the editor, but it would be a nice addition to have it in the launcher! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi ,

Yes, was changed again with the introduction of the Vault & Library system. Sample projects are now downloaded into your Vault, which is located within the engine install directory. From the vault files, you are then able to make a copy of the project where you wish.

Thank you for your feedback, it will be taken into consideration.



Same here. SSD as system, RAID as working drive.

It’s pretty hard on an SSD, the size is very disproportionate to everything else in program files.

Same thing here. is a simple thing - I do not want my SSD filling up with gigabytes of Unreal projects.

I know thread is old… but I just ran into same problem… Is fixed?
I also have 250gb SSD and right now I can’t install half of the projects plus since my C is low on space it also causes frequent crashes and what not…

I would like to have unreal installed on an external drive too or at least the downloaded projects.

is there a solution?