UE4 Launch turned my screen in space invaders

Hi All

Went to launch the editor with existing game in 4.7.4 and the happened. Completely

froze computer.

Hey ,

Can you attach your dxdiag info? Can you also try this with a new project created with 4.7.4 (just a blank one or one of our templates)?


artifiacting like this is usually a sign that your videocard is on it’s way out. Might want to look into a replacement.


Actually, marking this as accepted answer due to inactivity. This does seem like the most likely reason. Please respond if you’d like to submit any new information.


Hi Guys,

Brand new video card.

Got this error this .

Reboot was not required this . where is dxdiag again?

This appears to be a separate issue, would you mind opening a new answerhub issue (with the dxdiag)?

Start Menu. In the search field type “dxdiag” and hit enter. When dxdiag opens, you’ll see a “Save All Information” button. Select that and save the text file somewhere. Upload the text file as an attachment.