Ue4 laptop requirements

Hi, I was just planning to make a game with
quite some realistic graphics. I would be using an
Asus laptop-
i5 8300H 2.3Ghz
8Gb RAM (up to 32Gb)[Should I upgrade it to 12]
GTX 1060 6Gb
Can I work with real time Ray trace and good graphics using it?
Also do I risk any bugs?It will be greatly appreciated
if anyone could help me out with the requirements.
How can I avoid long baking times using these setup…?

laptops are not official supported according to the recommendation on the wiki. laptops generally have less powerful hardware and run hotter which decreases performance.

you mention realistic graphics and ray tracing, given those requirements i would say you dont have the performance to develop for that situation. personally i would say more ram and a better gpu but thats just me (i personally have a 1060 but dont go for realistic so i cant say how it is).

the best answer i would say is to just open ue4 and make something and see how it performs. if you have memory issues then you know you need more memory, low fps well thats a little more complex but it could be the gpu. see what works and what doesnt to learn your limitation.

I have earlier worked with unity . The book of the dead just works fine on it . It surely has good graphics as it uses megascans . So can’t I get any close to such graphics on ue4 using GTX 1060-6Gb ? I will surely be upgrading my RAM and using SSD. Is it because of my GPU or laptop?

What are you talking about? Laptops are supported as they are PC hardware, spec recommendations as well as requirements are also not indicators if something supported or not and Epic most likly won’t refuse official support because of specs. Wiki only saying that Epic and i quote “do not provide any officially recommended specs for laptops” which does not sound as “not offically supported”

UE4 supports any hardware that at least SM5.0 GPU (SM4.0 on older versions, AMD NVidia as UE has tendecy to problem with other brands) and 64-bit CPU, the rest is matter how it will preform. UE4 won’t complain about ram but 8GB is absolute minimum for good working expirance, 16GB would be better…

You should able to do some UE4 work (but read below), i would go 16GB atleast thru, but i think it’s not enough for Raytracing as even GTX 2xxx cards that have dedicated support for it, struggle with it, so GTX1060 on laptop will defiantly wont be enough for good condition work with ray tracing, at most you will able to see it very low FPS with lower settings or/and downscale resolution.

AMD Ryzen laptop seems to be best option for UE4 development as it comes with a lot more compatible GPU as there many raports of issues with NVidia+Intel iGPU setups (UE4 crashes when laptop tries to switch to iGPU for example). I would double check on that situation and how to eliminate that issue if you go intel. If oyu pick AMD, oyu wont be able to run ray tracing at all thru… but GTX1060 wont really allow you to work with it either.

yea supported was a bad way to phase it. i really meant that there is no official spec or recommendation for laptops.