UE4 Kite Demo Help


I’m super interested in how the Kite Demo was developef and currently watching the videos on how it was developed. I downloaded the project from the marketplace. however, I’m not sure whether if this is an issue or not but when i open the project all i see is a flat plane and no landscape grass. When i play , it shows the whole environment. I think i’m doing something wrong but i don’t exactly know what it is but i would like to know how can i view the whole environment without pressing play?


I haven’t tried the kite demo yet, but I don’t think you can because it seems to be meant that way. If you click on the documentation for the kite demo it takes you to:

So it looks like it’s meant to showcase open world tools, namely procedural foliage generation or a way to populate a huge open world landscape without needing to manually place static meshes on a level.