UE4 keeps crashing, UE5 however runs

I recently updated to UE5 because I was kinda forced to,since my UE4 started crashing. Its says “the GPU crashed or was removed”, one might assume UE5 is more likely to crash?
I admit my specs aren’t the greatest,because I couldn’t fathom the impact all the 3D software I’m working with is having on my machine,since it all started off as an hobby and my PC/mini tower wasnt initially built for that… :frowning:

I have an Intelcore i7-11700 processor 8×2500MHZ, NVidia RTX3050, 32GB DDR dualchannel RAM from corsair vengeance, ASUS Prime B560m-a Mainboard, 500GB M.2 PCIe Kingston SSD NV1, 240GB M.2 SATA SSD Kingston, 1TB USB SSD SanDisk Extreme

Any idea what’s the culprit behind UE4 crashing (on start up,so basically can’t open it at all) and UE5 running just fine (i mean crashs occur,but not much often)

Help is appreciated!