[UE4] Japanese School

Decided to do an anime/Japanese inspired school building with some exterior and interior. I have a mix of mostly anime references but I’ve also Googled and watch videos of real schools in Japan as well. I’m kind of just mashing references plus my own ideas to make the scene. I’ve finished this project and am now working on another one. Here is the WIP thread on polycount! I hope you guys like it. :smiley:

Artstation for a few more pictures.

Looks really good! But in my opinion one thing is a little bit distracting -> the godrays are a bit too strong :slight_smile:

Thanks fighter! And yeah, maybe they come off a little too harsh. Something I’ll keep in mind the next time I work on something like this! :smiley:

The only thing that is a bit to much imho is the DOF effect at 0:33 and 0:39.

Beside the music track don’t fit at all. I suggest you change it for a Japanese instrumental track or something soft instead. It would fit much much better.

Apart those little things, fantastic work !!! :smiley:

looks good but if i wanted to be picky, The desks are missing the double hook thing on the right hand side to hang you bag on, the hallway roof should have beams in it that connect to the beams in the walls, why is there 3 dates on the black board? (for the date it should be on the far right hand side something like this written vertically 6月 23日 (木)) and what is up with the stop aids posters??