UE4 - Is it safe to use UE4.26 + chaos, and then remove it for a latter version?

Hi, since we are still waiting for a new update… and we don’t know if there will be a UE4.27 version or we are going to wait the whole year for UE5, I’m not sure if using the UE4.26 + chaos is a safe move, because, what happens if latter there wont be a version + chaos, what if they integrate chaos for UE5 and then I want to remove this UE4.26 chaos version, is it possible to remove chaos from UE4.26, and how?


Chaos is the new integrated physics model. So if they ever release a .27 with fixed things (which I’m sure they will way before ue5 releases) it will Only be with chaos…

That said it doesn’t work well at all. So if you are developing right now I would suggest .24 or .25…

I understand that Chaos is 100% trash right now,

and FPS can drop as low as 12FPS if I use it, but, I´m not sure If APEX will be removed in the next 2 versions, so it’s kind of a situation that I don’t really know what to do, because once UE5 is released, I will want to move to it… but is it even going to happen this year really? all the rumors are that UE5 is terrible at this point in development and even AAA studios that already have it, had to drop it and have downgraded their projects to UE4.26 or UE4.25(most cases), but, If I choose Apex and they leave it as a… legacy and never update that plugin, it will also be a problem in the long run, so I feel like the real problem is that at this time… they should already be releasing UE4.27… but, because EPIC wants to make their triumphant introduction, and make their next release, the preview of UE5, while a couple of months ago not even Nanite or Lumen were working right, they did not even released the preview of UE5 as planned (march 2021), are they really going to update UE until November?

Such a complicated thing when your project requires destruction…

Make your own system. Problem solved.
Just use official nvidia branches

The branches are probably much better than whatever the epic team has put together in the past year.
starting with actually fixed ray tracing, and ending with actually working water simulations.

The PITA is that you need to know what you are doing as a developer, and wait a few hours for the engine to compile.

The benefits are, you can change almost any of the behaviors, and if you find it, you can maybe even get a distro that uses apex clothing correctly (haven’t personally bothered to look, but it would stand to reason that they have a version in which backstop wroks as they intended it to somewhere).

Why don’t NVIDIA and Epic agree on integrating the NVIDIA branch changes? It would presumably benefit both parties, no? Is there something publicly known that I’m missing?

Might be a licensing issue, ei Nvidia wants their stuff to be totally free, while unreal wants to get paid.
(With the low quality of the latest release I have a huge problem with the idea of paying anything at all btw. This is likely the same for all major development studios who’s project was literally stalled over the last official release. Realize, what they did was push bad software out as an official release, not a preview or a “use at your own risk” situation. As such, even large companies may have updated engine version only to find nothing works. )

My speculation to the reason they are completely decoupling from using nvidia stuff is that all of this will eventually result in Epic’s ability to be able to charge us developers a ton of money to publish without any restriction imparted by a 3rd party what so ever.
Want to use chaos? Pay us 10%. Adding our water system? Pile on another 10%. And so on.

Basically, they may be pulling off exactly what they are suing Apple for doing… creating a monopoly :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s always disappointing when a vendor I rely on ends up disappointing. Compared to the other options, though, it’s not like Unreal is a massive over-charge.
And, you know, certain companies ship software that own all their customers machines, and then blame the intern, so it’s not that level of terrible, either :slight_smile:

It’s not terrible or not terrible, it’s the principle of the thing.

I have absolutely no problem paying for stuff that doesn’t work when fixes are being actively worked out.

The bug report form has been down for the last 6 months and/or responses to the filed bugs are not being sent.
not even to officially acknowledge the bugs, apparently.

NVIDIA Branches provide fixes to the rendering that should have become part of past version. But aren’t included at all. Not even in the latest .26.

it’s the accumulation of all those things that are causing less and less people to post seeking help in the forums of late.

after all, if you want to start and 1 out of 3 posts on the forums is about a problem with the software itself you would be immediately put off no matter what kind of “free” stuff the marketing team can come up with… or however many fake ue5 videos they put out…

Two days ago I downloaded the source for 4.26.1. Compiled it. It is much faster and seems to bug free. Put it into 4.26.1 please.

Hi everyone,

I wanted to address a few questions on this thread regarding Chaos Physics in 4.26 and beyond.

Please note that this is the current plan, but things are subject to change.

Our plan is to have Chaos physics (including Destruction) enabled by default in Unreal Engine 5. However, PhysX (and Apex Destruction) will still be included in the engine with the option of enabling them manually.

So if you start your project in 4.26-Chaos your project will migrate automatically to UE5.
If you start your project in UE4 with PhysX and Apex, your project will migrate to UE5, but you will have to enable PhysX / Apex via a source build to make it work.

Do note that we plan to deprecate PhysX from Unreal Engine 5 completely in a future release (post 5.0).

Hope this helps!