UE4 - Is it safe to delete Stagebuilds and Temp folders before packaging?

Hi, before packaging i always delete Builds, cooked folders, etc… then is when i build paths, lights etc, if not, while packaging for a second time i get a lot of issues, like for example, packaging fails, because of old build different from new ones, different project names, etc; but now i found that Stagebuilds and Temp folder, both have inside some kind of old builds i made in the past.

Is it safe to delete both folders too?


My last packaging created Cooked folder of 12 GB and Stagedbuilds folder also 12GB.
Is it safe to delete those two folders from projects Saved folder?
Makes project backup too big.

Almost everything in the saved folder can be deleted.
Double check the docs site though.
Some of the engine/project settings are stored here.

To avoid having to drill into the settings again when you restore a project you usually want to retain those files.

As far as the rest. If you have the capacity to store the files, store them. The engine is smart about what it compiles or doesn’t compile so it can save time to just keep the files on hand if you have the storage room for it.