UE4 is ideal for beginners?

Thanks ChiefGui and Billy for sharing your stories, especially how you got into game design and the use of C++ programming code in UE4. I have been wanting to design games for many years and have a current game mechanics system I am developing along with a full game design document, but had been struggling with gaining understanding in how to turn it into a reality. A friend put me on to the release of the UE4 and it looks great, but I also wanted to gain some more practical programming understanding and have been trying to decide which programming language to learn. I have already done a diploma in C but as Ryiah just said, having the C++ knowledge would help, so I have decided to complete my C++ Associate and Professional Certification. Thanks guys for the direction, great support community :slight_smile:

You can ask these questions; you could also hop right on in! After all, UE4 is free as is Blender :slight_smile:

With its reliance on hotkeys, I would actually consider blender to be one of the harder 3D programs to learn. The main draw with blender is that it’s free, and once you learn it you can model extremely fast. Game engine implementation of models can be a bit hacky though, so anything beyond actually shaping the model would likely take longer than in something like, say, Maya.
With its beautiful interface, I’d say Modo is probably the easiest to learn. It also has notoriously powerful modeling tools.

Brilliant!! just the thread I was looking for :slight_smile:

Much like ChiefGui, I’m completely new to UR4, but unlike Chief, I have absolutely no background in any sort of programming or 3d modelling software, although I’m a dab hand in design based software, which after watching hours upon hours of tutorials for UR4, I deduce helps a minuscule, almost macroscopic amount as it seems familiar (UI wise anyway) when compared to Illustrator and Photoshop, but I digress. So…basically, my question is, with absolutely no knowledge of programming etc, is UR4 a wise choice for me to teach myself in? Passionate about learning it and determined to at least make a tiny map…with an ability to draw (no reason why this would help lol) or should I edge my bets elsewhere? I’ve always thrown myself in at the deep end as it seems a good way of learning things. Hope to hear fro, someone…anyone, with any thoughts or advice :slight_smile:

oh…and chief, apologies for hijacking your thread my friend

The UE4 is pretty easy to use, the only thing that could be a little bit tricky is to learn a 3d and texture program :slight_smile:
In the UE4 you just have to learn how to import your assets, how to create materials, the basic UI and how lightning works. After that you can create your own levels -> you can find everything that you need in the documentation: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation or just ask here in the forum (we are always here to help)

Thank you so much for the quick reply :slight_smile: I think I’m just gonna go for it!! Nowt to loose and a whole ton of fun to be had

just wanna clarify

Blueprint can be used to create games with one person very easily? I have all of my equipment and the like—I just wanted to make the game by myself using blueprint–(money for a team of 100 is expensive )

nice story man, it’s good to read about other people experience

the unreal engine is great for beginners like me i am developing an awesome game with no team just myself and the reason is mostly that i work better alone very easy to use all you have to know how to do is how to code and i know how to code because of my hours of studying coding it i really easy ok people try it out very easy and i also have no team because i would have to hire a team and that is expensive and i good at coding from my usage of other engines they were a lot harder to use than unreal engine.