UE4 Is Eating RAM

A mate and I have made a simple building which only consists of Boxes, Its not a large area its only 30Metres x 30metres x 30 metres. I have used Control+Z to UNDO actions and when i Undo, whatever was there seems to be Stuck in my systems RAM Even upon closing UE4, It uses 100% of my Disk transfer doing gods what what?? and steals approximately 40% of my RAM EVEN THOUGH THE PROGRAM IS CLOSED.

I rebooted the System, as i had no choice but to do so. Upon a reboot i opened Unreal Editor again and Loaded the same level that before was using 2+1/2 GB of RAM, and this time round it was only using 800mb RAM! So what is causing the issue which means i have to restart my PC just to be able to use it!

Were guessing its something to do with a bug in the UNDO functions “memory Management”

Any Ideas guys?

The System in Question is as Follows,

AMD A10-7600K Black Edition Quad Core, Running @ 4.3GHZ
Integrated GFX from APU @ 2GB
Windows 8.1 Professional X64

Hmmm 2.4 GB for UE4 is not that much.
Yes, UE4 eats RAM, as every program does. At least UE4 does not chew with an open mouth :stuck_out_tongue:
Just make sure you also give it enough water :smiley:

Haven’t this already been answered in your other thread? Expect these kind of softwares to use quite a lot of ram. 2.4gb isn’t really a lot and a lot of game related softwares use a lot more.
A lot of stuff get stored in ram when you continuously use the software.

Also, you’re not using 8gb of ram like you state. Your computer is using 81% RAM, UE is using 2437mb, the rest of the processes on screen use 255mb combined, which means you need around 750 processes that all use 5.1mb to reach 81% of 8gb. Judging by the scroll list, you don’t have that many running, which means your computer is not using 8gb of ram.
Most likely you either don’t have 8gb or you’re using 32-bit windows which can only use a little more than 3gb of ram.

I also had a deja vu…
But it was actually suggested to him to post this here…

I do have 8GB of ram, and im using Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit , So not sure what that was all about.

If you look in your image above it shows 81% of your ram is being used, but there is closer to 3gb worth of apps in the list. obviously 3gb is not 81% of 8gb, if you do the math it comes out to less than 4gb total, that is why people were questioning this. :slight_smile:

No point in trying to explain it, this guy doesn’t even try to listen.

Actually, the process view in Task Manager does not give you a summation at the top of the grid below, but rather the total system memory usage. A quick way to see this is to switch to percent view for memory (right click the header, it’s in the Resource Values group). A better idea would be to open up Resource Monitor, that will give you a more accurate picture of what is going on.

+1.Why the hell does it have to use 8gb of ram is that a blueprint problem because ue3 does not use 8 gb ,1 gb was enough .

Its because UE4 is a different engine than UE3.
It also depends on what you do with it…

i think they are the same but ue4 have more feature.

Does that happen on empty level?