UE4 is awesome!

I have to say, that Epic is an amazing company. In terms of there products. I don’t really know anything else about them. But from both a user and software development standpoint, Unreal engine is amazing. I love using it. Now, every time I use any other sort of 3D software I end up comparing it to UE4.

• The design of the UI is very intuitive (easy to follow) and aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. It also supports an efficient workflow.
• There documentation is the best around. Easy to understand and comprehensive.
• The community by far is the most supportive.
• And of course, innovative! I mean Blueprints, such a good idea, and even better execution on there end.
• They roll out consistent software updates and features (got to love that!)

I used to be a CryEngine snob haha. I wouldn’t use anything but CE. But they have fallen way behind. Almost a waste of time using the engine. Anyway, not my intention to start another CE bashing thread, just wanted to say Epic is doing a great job!

It’s kind of refreshing actually, because at the company I work for, it is so hard to push for innovation and change. The software we use sucks. It’s buggy, crashes half the time, and is difficult to use due to the UI. Nobody really wants to take the steps to change that either. But when I get home and open UE, I’m like “Wow, this software is awesome.”

Maybe you should remake your current company’s game idea in UE4 and show you it off.
Anytime I want to incorporate some new tech, I use it for first, then show my boss and he gets hyped about it.
I’m not sure what your work environment is like though.

Good for you, but all this is subjective of course.

I for one don’t find UE interface to be very intuitive, i much prefer minimalist approach and less bulkiness all around, also prefer to have things in one place.
Somewhere between the interface of Unity and UE would be the right direction IMHO.

Second it depends what you are doing with the engine, obviously it is not a 3d animation app so you can’t compare oranges to apples.

But over all I agree community can be supportive and the docs are better than the competition.

Cryengine has its strong points and weak points so does Unity vs UE… I guess the important thing I have learnt from the past is for anyone never to be a fan boy and always have a critical view on things while still appreciating the effort and direction (if it is productive and not for PR), I’m sure many here know what i’m speaking of :).