UE4 Inventory Blueprint: Inventory Menu Not Showing

So I’m following the youtube tut on making a basic inventory system. I get all the way to the 6th video where I then create the command to make the Inventory Menu visible. When I test it, it doesn’t show up. However, it is setting to visible, it just never appears. When I try to hide something already visible, that doesn’t work either. Odd.

I use an enumeration to “house” my widgets which is handled in the MyHUD blueprint. When the level loads, the widget GameHUDWidget is chosen from the enumeration. Cool, works; my health bars and such are displayed.

Through the character, when you press TAB or SpecialRightButton, it flip flops between setting the InventoryMenu inside GameHUDWidget to visible or hidden. I did a print string to see if InventoryMenu was actually changing, and it is; never shows up though.

I am running 4.7.4; when I did this in 4.7.3, it worked. Ideas?