UE4 Insane screen tearing out of nowhere!

I haven’t changed anything, didn’t update my video card drivers, using the same version of the engine…
But today I started seeing absolutely crazy screen tearing in all my projects.

It wasn’t happening before. And for the life of me I can’t figure out what’s going on???

I know I can enable vsync, but when more than couple viewpors or editor windows are open, it starts dropping framerate to 48 and below (my monitors refresh rate is 75).

Smooth framerate option doesn’t do anything at all whether it enabled or disabled - I can’t see any difference.

I checked some games on UE4. The Cycle, for example - everything is silky smooth there, no tearing. But the editor went apesh*t!

Anyone had this happen? Or have any suggestions?

This is how bad it is:

I’ve never seen screen tearing this bad! And it started out of nowhere!

So… I did clean install of my video drivers (via AMD cleanup utility in safe mode)

Same version, same config file that I was using before.

And now tearing is gone :\

Computer magic.

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Drivers…any software in fact, can become corrupt over time. Typically happens when other software is installed/updated. Windows OS updates frequently do this.