UE4 Indie vs UE4 Integrated Partners Program

So… we still don’t have the Elemental demo at the time I am posting this thread.

Does anyone have a concern a AAA title with access to Enlighten, etc will look much better than the raw UE4 subscription? They will get Scaleform, Enlighten, SpeedTree, etc. The whole works right?

I’m just happy to have the full source. Generally a AAA title will look better due to the number of staff they have working on a game compared to indie, even without additional middleware (This is just a general statement, of course there are exceptions). With access to full source, you can implement your own GI, your own GUI, and your own tree rendering if you wanted to.

Honestly they will have some things that look better as to be expected seeing as they usually have the money to invest into the product

i say not to think on things like this if you focus too much on rather some AAA’s end result looks better then your end result its only going to slow ya down and even cause conflict

let them do them, and you do you

also i thought the integrated partners program was for people like Nvidia, speedtree and such, not actual studios?

To be clear, the Integrated Partners Program is for companies who want to create integrations of their tech with UE4. Those integrations do not come with UE4 no matter what your license is (subscription or custom). Any license holder can go license any of that tech from those companies as long as you are using the full source.

There is no advantage to being a custom licensee over a subscription licensee with full source.

Why wouldn’t enlighten,speedtree, scaleform ever come to U4 as plugins, and if they don’t who’s to say someone won’t code an equivalant for U4?

Ah it appears I didn’t understand how the partners program worked at all.

All of your posts are very helpful and 100% correct I shouldn’t have been worried about that at all.

Thanks a LOT!

I think we will see those sold on the marketplace when it is ready. Its how the integration partners will make money now, their marketplace is going to grow over the years like crazy, if they don’t propose something, a competitor will, demand and supply 101.

Allegorithmic is already releasing Substance integration for UE4: (At least they are trying to, thier github doesn’t seem to be live yet)
I’m really looking forward to having access to the wide range of integrations that weren’t available to us lowly UDK users as well as all the nifty plugins and such that the Unity community has had increasing access to. Hopefully the integrators will keep us indie and serious games people in mind when setting the prices.

@Ram you didn’t get the idea nor the reply by Epic rep.

You have full source. Epic would have to pay an extra bunch to the respective owners to get middleware technologies like scaleform and so on (not necessarily) for every deal.
Anyway without implementing those you users can choose to implement them yourselves or not plus get a license with those “middleware”.

Epic tries to give you new technologies and such but it’s 1 thing to implement a technology (For example PBR or a custom HLSL shader etc) and it’s another thing to implement another companies tool.

PS: There are things under Innovation license that are public for everyone and then there are those private technologies or tools that companies hold full rights.
PS2: R&D is a hard work don’t expect them to jump at your bidding because you pay, They have their own agenda which they should follow if you would like to keep receiving proper and crucial updates.

I don’t know much about the business side of things, however I believe all these Middleware were available as plugins for UDK, now that U4 is probably going to be used as much if not more than Unity, it would be pretty certain that these plugins will be made available to U4 some time in the near future, in one business sense or another, it only makes sense. Money.

Possibly yes.

i will say speedtree would have been nice to help with the landscape mode for populating islands and such like in cyengine but who knows nothing to stop an addon to happen maybe even at a discount for subscribers :-p.

No. You can buy those things if you want.
You think that some people get them for free ?

IPP means only that middleware have code ready for integration and all you need is to buy license. SpeedTree will be integrated into engine. I doubt it will make into next release, but probably for 4.2.

Enlighten, cost more than engine, I dunno how many people really want it after looking at price.

I think people are demanding too much? You get like the best indie engine on the planet for $20/month + source. Find me a better deal I dare you. I am sure Epic will add some awesome things in over the next few months. It was just released like what couple weeks ago to the public. Chill out and enjoy. Get out there and build a game. Eye candy should not be a priority with most projects yet. I have seen many threads now demanding and asking why UE 4 don’t have this and that, or when they doing this. Everyone needs to remember if they wanted they could charge us a few grand for the engine. or you could always go back to Unity and pay for every single thing you need. So relax, enjoy, and get designing. This is the best solution on the net for Indies. All that other stuff is just a bonus when and if it comes. Other than that, put the source to use and make it yourself.

This is a remarkable out of the box engine. No complaints at all!

I am in agreement with Ryzon.

I think the threads demanding for features, or complaining about what someone else might have access to are very childish. It’s a great engine, and you’ve been given access to the source code. If it doesn’t have something you need and want make it yourself or pay someone to make it for you if you don’t have that skillset or time. If you want Scaleform or any other middleware, buy a license for it, it’s really simple.

I think this thread has reached it’s goal and from further causing conflict might need to be locked. Like the 2 gents above me said get a license for those if they are so needed for you and implement them yourselves.

I was told and millions I imagine have heard that “if you want to get it done right, then do it yourself”. Well we have source so there you have it.

The actual problem is, they would have big problems with releasing the source code, if there would be so many third-parties included. But many third-parties are creating integrations on their own, so you can get integration in ue4, but will propably not have the source code.

@Ryzon i agree.

@Cube yes they wanted to avoid a million things thats what i tried to explain like 10 posts above. Since people got their source can really do w/e they like and if they get stuck still can ask Epic for input instead of demanding everything handed in a silver plate, How about a make game now button?

None of the integrated partners will make any game look better, they are just tools to speed things up. If you are capable you can achieve AAA looks by yourself with UE4 alone. If not, even Enlighten wont help you. There are many examples of this with UDK as well.