UE4 In-Editor: Texture Painting Tool

Hello everyone!

Version 2.0 is now available on the Marketplace. With this update comes the ability to paint on surfaces within the engine. A specific blueprint needs to be used, but it is flexible and can be scaled, be moved, or made into a dynamic object; all while still letting you draw on it.

I have crated a number of writing tools to start you out with. Pens, pencils, markers, paint brushes, paint roller, paint balls, paint can, chalk. There are also paint cans and paint pans to change colours of your brushes.

This update is more than just being able to paint on geometry and seeing the diffuse colour. You can use this to drive special effects of armor or vehibles depending on the setup of your material, and the impact materials/values.

You can find the pack here: UE4 In-game Texture Painter

This video shows the in-game version of this pack, goes over some of its variables and ways to set it up, and general guidance of how to set up your own impacts: In-game version of the tool

This video is an hour long walkthrough of the features for the in-editor version here (This is for creating textures in the editor to use in your game, not for making textures at runtime): In-editor version of the tool

I will be adding to this tool with further features, brushes, and options. If you have anything you’d like to have added to this, please don’t hesitate to request it down below. I’ll do my best to add everything I can for you guys!

  • Kind Regards
    Chris Albeluhn