UE4 - Impossible to remove console keys from build, why?

Hi, I go to “Project settings” search for console, press the trash button to remove every console keys, make a build, save… and when I try the build, console still working; so I restart Unreal, search console keys and UE auto restored the console key, so… I can’t remove it, if I do, UE keeps auto restoring it, even if i leave it empty, it auto restores with an °. maybe there is a way to completely remove console commands from BP?

What can i do?

Hello DraxFX,

Have you tried to build in shipping mode ?

No, because it crashes… It always has since UE4.19 until now, that’s why I only build in development, I even tried by migrating my whole project to an empty UE4 project, and UE just can´t build in shipping… But as i told you, If I delete console keys, save and restart UE, It auto generates a console comand, so , deleting it is impossible.

Okay…because building in shipping mode, as far as i know, should remove the console.
Have you tried to fix the crashes ? What error do you have ?

Yes, I was able to build in shipping, now… I have another problem, packaging with “shipping” saves all my “savegame” files…:mad:…WHYYYY?

Even If I remove them locally, Unreal keeps creating or including them, development never did, wich means, It will overrite players scores, settings and save files…

How to avoid Shipping to include savegame files?