UE4 imports Skeletal Mesh Bone names incorrectly from Blender.


Myself and my friend have just started using Apex tool and noticed something weird.

In Blender when we export our Skeletal Mesh, the bone names for this example are named Spine.01, F_Palm.1
However once imported into UE4 when I check the Skeletal Mesh the bone names are Spine_01 and F_Palm_1

It is replacing . with _

We noticed when we tried to export an Apex file and import to UE4 it said missing all bones name and we can see in Apex tool the bones names are Spine.01 but UE4 skeleton is Spine_01.

However, this must be doing this for the animation files importing in too. As we have no issues importing animations.

Can anyone else confirm this? Anyone know a solution. We are using the latest Blender and UE4.8

While not authoritative on the subject, UE4 content/assets cannot have punctuation in their names with the notable exceptions of underscore (_) and dash/hyphen (-).

It appears importing here does the auto-rename, while elsewhere in the editor it simply prevents those characters being used.

i can’t find “apply modifiers” in blender 2.76b in export .fbx window

I see what you mean, only the 6.1 has the option although you could just apply them before you export.

so only for unreal editor 4.6 not 4.10?I’d like to ask 3D Milk Shape is abandoned 2 decades ago,but is it possible to export from 3D Milk Shape models,animations and skeletal meshes to Blender into Unreal Editor 4.10?

Ue4 doesnt like . so it replaces it with _
When you export use the “Export Selected” option… it seems to get rid of allot the problems that happens