UE4 HTTP Replay System Version is mismatch

I tried to save/play the replay through http, but the calling unit and the receiving unit of the server did not match.

FHttpNetworkReplayStreamer is upload code

URL = FString::Printf( TEXT( "%sreplay/%s?app=%s&version=%u&cl=%u&friendlyName=%s" ), *ServerURL, *SessionIDOverride, *ReplayVersion.AppString, ReplayVersion.NetworkVersion, ReplayVersion.Changelist, *FGenericPlatformHttp::UrlEncode( Params.FriendlyName ) );

ReplayServer.java code as follows.

context.addServlet( new ServletHolder( new StartUploading() ), "/startuploading/*" );

StartUploading.java code as follows.

final String appName 		= request.getParameter( "App" );
final String versionString 	= request.getParameter( "Version" );
final String clString 		= request.getParameter( "CL" );
final String friendlyName 	= request.getParameter( "Friendly" );
final String metaString 	= request.getParameter( "Meta" );

After checking out GitHub,
From version 4.10, the code of the calling unit FHttpNetworkReplayStreamer has been continuously changed, but the receiving unit has been changed.
The ReplayServer.java file did not change the URL.

API Doc contains the contents of the calling unit FHttpNetworkReplayStreamer normally, but it does not match the receiver at all.
I am confused about how to use it.