UE4 HTML Widget Callbacks...

I am currently reviving an old project that I created on Torque 3D called Re-Spawn Tournament and I want to continue to use my old Distributed UI system called FlowUI. FlowUI is a browser based UI and forms part of my Game Flow technology stack that I plan on leveraging on a few projects.

Basically I want to be able to make callbacks from a web-based GUI back in to the game and need to find out what is the best solution to do this. Does the UE4 HTML Widget support these callbacks (I know the widget is still experimental)?

Would I rather have to look at something like UnrealJS or similar solution. There is the option of having the browser set some type of remote data and have the game client poll that data periodically … but this is a messy solution and not one I am keen to try.

I briefly used the HTML widget in another project, but I admit I haven’t delved too deep in to the widget just yet. I am also not currently in front of my Dev PC to be able to experiment a little.

EDIT: I checked the widget and there are no events … so I will have to find another way.

Have you found a solution to this ?

Nope … no solution using the widget. The widget basically displays a web-page in an isolated container and there is no real interaction. You would probably have to look at some type of web-socket connection or something … but I haven’t really looked further in to this.

ok, thanks for the info.