UE4 - How to use RootMotion with BlendSpace?

I created a walk and run animation for my AI, both anims have rootmotion, blendSpace 1D Works perfect, if i check “process rootmotion” i can even see the transition from walk to run while translating the red root… But, if i use this blendSpace 1D in the anim graph and click “Root Motion from Everything”… now the AI can only walk; if testing, i choose to delete both animations from that blendspace and add a regular walk and run, then no problem, AI walks and run, its like if RootMotion is making the blendspace to only work with walk.

Please help!

Well the big issue with using root motion is the lack of information as to proper function as to a practical use such as AI driven animation versus tutorial that only applies as to the use of inplace animations.

The difference between RM and inplace is

Inplace animation is reactive and the state change is usually controlled by the current state of the movement component so the result is based on the action of the movement component based on the key pressed, in general. The logic flow is then Pressing W, as entered in the input table, is passed to the movement component, by a function, that changes the forward velocity that in turns moves the movement component and with animation blueprint will in turn read the velocity change from the MC and in turn will index the proper animation in the blend space

It’s the movement component that actually controls the in world placement of the player and the animation is being played like a puppet in a box as that is the take, state change, that it’s told to do based on the action of the MC

Root Motion on the other hand is event driven which means that it must be wired directly to whatever it is that triggers the event change.If root motion is used then the animation need to be told to use root motion which 1) glues the movement component to the root and 2) ignore state changes to the MC due to the fact that it is glued to the root so state changes via a blendspace will never occur as the velocity and such never changes.

That said there are some considerations.

Any and all tutorials used in conjunction with inplace will generally not work when animations are replaced with root motion. The two are totally incompatible with one another except when told to ignore root motion.

Root Motion does not work if at all with replication requirements needed for network play so if your plans are for on-line game play you might want to reconsider using inplace.

A good root motion controller

No, i ´m not using network (replication) i only want my AI to be able to walk and run using blendspace and rootmotion,

basically all my problem is running, if i set the AI to walk, rootmotion works, but if my AI has to run and rootmotion is working, AI´s can´t run, just walk, rootmotion is making AI´s to not be able to run, even if blendspace transition from walk to run does work. when AI has to run, it does move to the point but walking instead of running.

If is imply disable rootmotion, AI´s start walk-run again.