UE4 - How to skip rows in a Data Table after "row not found"?

Hi, i created a data table with 50 items, player must find them randomly, if player finds Item number 1, then Item number 20, since rows in between are empty, “Get data table” wont show anything until row 20, wich is weird going one by one until 20; if rows in between are still empty, it should continue from row 1 to row 20, how to make “Get data Table Row” to continue with next row, after “row not found”

Please help with BP if possible, thanks


I am not sure if you are using the DataTable for the intended way if you have empty rows in it
You probably have to do something external that checks which Row you want if you want it to “dynamically skip rows”.

Thanks, i actually had to use “Does Data Table Row Exists” then if it doesn´t, it takes the List lenght -1, or a value +1 and keeps testing the Data Table until it founds one with content.