UE4 - How to properly package a PC project, to later make a DLC?

Hi, i finished my UE 4.24 PC project, packaging from UE works fine, now i wonder how to create a DLC? main issues in Steam, some articles i read mention that packaging from UE causes the whole game to not be able to DLC, or you have to create the additional content inside the same project, and just enable it some how…not sure how? but still this causes users to download the whole game again, instead of only the DLC, others say the best way is to use an “automation tool” no idea what that is, no video tutorials, but still some people say this method causes errors wich are difficult to fix,

How do you create a DLC for Steam?
Wich process do you recommend to create and package a DLC in UE?

Btw, the only one that works for me is “Development” with “For distribution” check; not sure if this is right to make an Steam DLC, please help

Its kinda scummy to immediately launch dlc after your game, expect lost sales, this does not apply if your talking about a f2p game, you will likely find something here either way. https://forums.unrealengine.com/comm…nreal-engine-4

Not to immediately make a DLC, but to be ready and propperly package my game to not affect clients when a DLC is ready, it si called being cautious and have vision, so in the future i won´t have any issues when launching or making a DLC… and… also to now, contribute with other developers to understand the process.

And this link from 2016… “https://forums.unrealengine.com/comm…nreal-engine-4” is exactly the one that shows the “automation tool” wich causes lots of complains, and i have no issue making a 32bit build with UE, so i think this “tutorial” is dated and still no video tutorials, wich means nobody uses it.

Just updating this post, i just found out, that releasing a Base Game and a Deluxe Edition or Premium Edition on Steam, is actually considered a DLC by Steam …lol

so a DLC is not only related to extra content like skins, extra textures and weapons; most AAA games release as much as 3 different versions of a game at the same time: Regular, Deluxe, Premium, wich means, if you buy a premium edition in Steam, you will be buying a Base game pluss 2 DLC apps… so, this question i created in here is really important.

Even if you create a Bundle on Steam, you would have to include a base game app (regular product) and create the extras as a DLC… wich is actually a big issue with Unreal 4 packaging, since there is no way that i know, to create like a sepparate folder with the extra DLC content, or a way to sepparate things on Unreal, for the sake of maiking a DLC, worst if you make pak files.

I hope, someone can help better how to create a DLC in Unreal, because i have no idea how to combine things like adding a new level, but still… technically keep extra content in a sepparate folder and use pak, i have only seen this for Unity