UE4 - How to organize better all BP parameter values under menus for instances? - image att.

Hi, i use a lot of instances, but every time i create a BP parameter or texture into parameter, they all appear in ABC order, all toguether, for example if i create a normal strenght node for layer 1, layer 2 and layer3, they all appear in this order…. But i dont like it, because when you have 100 parameters, you need to search all layer 1 parameters wich are located all over the place.

I wish to organize values in menus, i have seen this before in Unreal, but i have no idea how people do it, i attached my picture of an instance and all its parameters… as you can see all layers colors are grouped, then other scalar values are gruped in another menu… but i would like layer 1 to be a menu then all layer one parameters under this menu to sepparate each layer, if not it becomes a hudge disaster and i have to search all layer 1 parameters wich are spread all over the instance.

How can i do this?

Parameter Groups are a thing.
Every Parameter has a Group property in the Material.

Ok, Thanks, i just had to click the group and raname “none” thanks

You can use Layer01 to help the sorting for the name aswel… if you plan having a number > 99 then Layer001 and so on.