UE4 - How to load game, when your game and intro menu, are in different maps?

Hi, i wonder how to load game, while you are in a different map, for example, my game starts at “Intro Map”, wich is a regular intro at any game, with a main menu and a background, after click load game, wich loads game from slot, it doesnt auto load the “Game map” i guess it just updates instances, then, how to load that game map, then, make the map understand that in a previous map i decided to load values from certain slot.

Also, if i already started the game (inside game map), how to load again another save, and restart that same map, then restore the save data.

I think both questions have the same relationship, its really confusing for me now, because every single tutorial, shows you how to restore a save, but been inside the same map, but they actually never reload the map itself.

Please help

Level streaming is what you need.

This intro talks about how to make a level loading system using streaming:


I do use Level Streamig, but i need to restart everything, and this is why:

When my game starts you complete mission 1, 2, 3, then you already started misison 4, maybe you are inside a castle, etc, i dont want to reload from save, been at this point, i need to close the map, restart the map, make everything default, then start mision 4 from start,

Like Mario Bros, if you save while playing a level, after load, it will reload the game to the main map, never at the level been played, same logic, so i need to restart everything to defaul (like when you load the map for the first time), wich means, load the game map again, then apply the “load” and restore values.

You have two options:

  1. Open level, which just replaces what you are currently running with a totally new map

  2. Level streaming, which means you can have more than one map loaded at once, and can have menus showing while loading maps etc…

Either way, you can load a map fresh, or you can restore changes from a save game.