UE4 - How to filter actors by tag after get all actors of class and call a function only for them?

Hi, all my dead actors are invisible with a “dead” tag, my alive actors dont have that tag, I want to call a function inside that actor BP class, but i dont want to call it if they are dead, only if they are alive… no idea how, Imagine you have 500 actors (same BP, just duplicants), but only 150 are alive (no tag), the rest is dead (they do have a dead tag), then i want to filter all alive actors (without a tag) and call the function only for all of them, meaning i want to call a function only for 150 of the original 500 of the same class… no idea how, here is my progress pic, after that, brain lock LOL

Please help with BP images if posible.

If you are going about it this way, then you need a for each loop from out actors to cycle through all your actors and use the index from the loop in the index slot of the get node.

use Actor Has Tag node. Set the value and hook up to boolean.