Ue4 how to convert apk to signed apk bundle?

Every time I try to upload my game to google play I get an error. I looked this up and people said that it was because I had to convert the app to a signed app bundle. I’ve tried using android studio but it doesn’t work because I don’t see a cradle file(nor the signed all option). Plz help!!

  1. Android Studio Version:
  • Can you provide the version of Android Studio you are using? Different versions may have variations in the user interface and options.
  1. Project Structure:
  • Have you opened the correct project in Android Studio? Ensure that you are working with the right project directory and that the necessary files, including the Gradle files, are present.
  1. Gradle File Location:
  • When you mention not seeing a Gradle file, are you looking for the build.gradle file in the correct location? It’s typically located in the app module of your Android project.
  1. Signed App Bundle:
  • Have you followed the official Android documentation on how to build a signed app bundle? This process involves configuring the signing properties in the Gradle files.
  1. Android Gradle Plugin:
  • Check the build.gradle file for your app module. Does it include the necessary Android Gradle Plugin configurations for building a signed app bundle? It should include the signingConfig and release configurations.
  1. Debug vs Release Build:
  • Are you trying to upload the debug APK or the release APK? Google Play requires the submission of the release version, typically created through the signed app bundle.
  1. Proguard or Code Shrinkage:
  • If you are using Proguard or any code shrinkage mechanisms, make sure they are not causing any issues during the build process.
  1. Google Play Console Requirements:
  • Have you reviewed the current requirements and guidelines provided by Google Play Console for uploading apps? This might include any recent changes in the submission process.
  1. Error Message Details:
  • Could you provide more details about the specific error message you encounter when trying to upload the game to Google Play? The error message can often provide insights into the root cause of the problem.
  1. Alternative Distribution Formats:
  • While the App Bundle is the recommended format, have you considered alternatives like generating a signed APK and uploading it directly? This might help identify if the issue is specific to the bundle format.