UE4 how to connect mysql database?

I want to store some data in mysql and use them in ue4,but i don’t know what to do.

Hey, I have been using this plugin: GitHub - Back2RL/MySQLConnectorUE4Plugin: MySQL Database Connector Plugin for Unreal Engine 4
It’s a c++ plugin, so for it to work, you have to have a c++ project!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

thanks a lot, I have installed this plugin into my project,but i can’t connect to mysql correctly,i wonder if there are some extra configurations i dismissed.

if you send a screenshot of your blueprint, I might be able to help

I got the same error in the log. Here is my blueprint. It would be great if you can help.

Is your mysql server working?

try MySQL :: MySQL Workbench
use it to test the connection first. maybe you have a securtity setting blocking incoming calls in your database host