UE4 - How to advance music´s time forward after play?

Hi, i cannot find in UE a way to advance the time of a song; right now, in order to hear them I have to play th entire song to get an idea of the tone… wich is time consuming when you have 300 songs… I wonder if UE has a simple player to move forward to get to specific song moments, since i cant do it through my pc files because music is also a UE file type.


Could make a little blueprint that took a sound cue or audio component, and stopped/started it at whatever time you want? Maybe make a little button that advances time some amount of seconds? Maybe a slider to go through the song, but it would have to stop and restart at time very fast. so at that point I would load the audio into the Granular Synth, which is excellent at scrubbing through samples. Gotta make our own UI for that too, fitted to situation.

That sounds amazing, but how? i haven´t found any tutorial for that.

If you have so many tracks maybe it is better to use Media Player instead of Audio Components. You also can use mp3 and ogg.