UE4 HBAO Integration Problem

Hı, first of all sorry for my bad English i hope i can explain myself.

I am so confused, i want to add HBAO+ in my project and i followed the instructions about this. I downloaded that sources:

I tried to install it via both ways (clone and zip) My first try is using GitHub Clone method, but when i download and ran Setup.bat, GenerateProject and Compile things, its installing a new Unreal Engine 4 separately. I already had UE4. Its making very huge file size and seperate Unreal Engine in folder. Plus, i ran a new project when compile works done, and there was no any HBAO+ I just want to simple HBAO+, thats all.

After that fail i deleted everything and started all processes again. This time i downloaded it as zip. I dont want 2 seperate UE4 so i unzipped it in the main existing UE4 folders. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.13 - - here.) I ran to Setup.bat - GenerateProject but it gives an error. (It says there is no Visual Studio bla bla) But i already have Visual Studio.

I dont understand anything what is the correct way to integrate GameWorks stuffs. I know the instructions but it doesnt work for me. Firstly where should i put that HBAO+ sources before setup - compile it?
And it is making a new UE4 why its doing that? I want to integrate it in my existend UE4. :mad:

The Nvidia branches of their techs are separate versions of the UE4 engine. Thats how it works. If u want to integrate it into another version of the engine. You will need to merge their branch with urs (will only work if ur using the source version of the engine and ur using soure control)

to use HBAO+ you first need to enable it via the console command: r.hbao.enable then u can tweak the settings via a post processing volume

I guess i understand now, thank you.