UE4 Git version rebuilds everytime I build/package my project


I followed this official tutorial for “Downloading Unreal Engine Source Code”:

Then, I noticed that it rebuilds the entire engine everytime I build or package my project.

I followed post 5 recommendations with no luck of this post:

Thanks in advance.

i’m pretty sur you hit the build button instead of the run button.

Hi, I might have not explained myself correctly. Yes, I obviously press build, because I need to build My Project every time I change my code, not the Engine’s code. That doesn’t mean that it needs to rebuild the entire Engine project from GitHub Source every time I press build which takes around an hour.

That doesn’t happen when I use the version downloaded from Epic Games Program, and certainly didn’t happen to me few versions ago.

And not using the Git version is not an option since I need to build dedicated servers.

Hi, did you find answer?

the same problem ue4.26.2 (

Try to press CTRL+B (Build project) instead of CTRL+Shift+B (Build solution).