UE4 - ''Ghosts'N Goblins''

Hey guys!

Let me present you our last student project: Ghosts’N Goblins

Ghosts’ n Goblins is a school project that was completed in seven weeks with a team of 8 people.

We had to recreate the classic game with a next-gen look in Unreal Engine 4.


Excellent guys

This is . I love the look of the environment. Great stuff guys! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

That is so cool. **** good job.

Are you guys going to take this further?

It lacks the cartoony style from “Maximo” games on the PS2, it looks more like a mature medieval game instead.

Wow, that looks great! You guys got that done in only 8 weeks?! That motivates me to get my slow butt in gear!

Thanks guys!

But no, i dont think that we are going to take it further.
Here are some screenshot of the zombies in the game. Unfortunately, we have not had time to implement more than one zombie because of the time constraint. (not made by me)
The zombies where’s supposed to have red hair like in the original game but in the end didn’t get the time to be made.

Excellent job! Amazing quality, specially for a student project. I wish mine were as good haha :rolleyes:
Reminds me a lot of Bloodborne!

great environment. I’m sure with more time you could have nailed the animation and been more cinematic with some of your choices (zooming in on the lance after throwing it, etc.) Good job.

Fantastic work ThierryArt! I am a huge fan of Super Ghouls and Ghosts. I remember playing it from sun up to sun down when I was younger. To see this re-made in UE4 is simply amazing. Keep up the great work!

Really nice lighting from the moonlight and the torch effects. Great work overall!

This looks very good for a student project and considering the time frame. Really digging the mood in those screenshots and like said excellent moon lighting in the environment.

Love it, would’ve been great if you could have got to him losing his armour, always so funny running round in his boxer shorts :slight_smile:

what university or school ? and how many artists/ programmers? looks AAA !!

when youll release this game?

Thanks everybody!

We are studying at NAD in Montreal, Quebec.
We where a team of 8 people: 2 environment artist, 1 lighting artist, 2 character modeler, 1 animator, 1 level design and 1 concept artist. We add 2 additionnal people for help, 1 rigger artist and 1 Fx Artist for the blood.

Never lol. Ghosts’N Goblins was only a 7 weeks school project.