UE4 gets more unreliable with every new version


I’m working with Unreal Engine since ~2010 with the UDK and noticed a massive drop in quality of UE4 over the last updates. I’m running UE4 on 4 different PC’s, some with fresh installed Windows and everything up to date.

UE4 worked fine for me until ~4.20 and then issues started to arise. Every new version since then became more unstable. No matter if in Empty, Template or fully developed projects. UE4 is frequently crashing.


  • added frequent crashes across all activities I’m doing within UE4


  • Start up movies no longer worked on Nintendo Switch
  • more crashed added


  • Dedicated Server won’t register anymore which worked before in older UE4 versions


  • Audio on Xbox One broken if updated a project, required massive rework and research
  • Game will randomly crash on Playstation 4
  • Increased memory load on Nintendo Switch -> Bad performance
  • Broken Steam integration on upgraded project, Dedicated Servers no longer listed on Steam (worked before)
  • Deleting a file in UE4 (no matter if used or unused) will instantly result in a freeze and later in a crash

As I said this is running on 4 different systems with source build UE 4 with and without plugins. Turning UE4 into more or less useless and not reliable at this point. I don’t know whats going on with the development on UE 4 but I would highly request a stop in adding new features and a “repair” update instead of UE4.25.


Haven’t moved off 4.18 because of ^this^ and am unlikely to anytime soon…
It would help if Epic would just confirm when the next STABLE build will be?
If its 4.30 or even 4.40, then so be it! But developers deserve to know here.
The Roadmap can stay a useless historical record, but not regarding this!!!

Or there could be LTS versions like for all software in the world. Of course, it should not contain new features - only bug fixes. Currently we’re using 4.22, which has some bugs regarding ISM. It’s fixed in 4.23, but it has a widget bug that breaks our project. That’s fixed in 4.24, but some random Data Assets are not packaged, so we can’t use it either. At the end, we were unable to switch to any UE version without a source build, because all of them has breaking bugs, which are only fixed in the next releases, which introduce new bugs.

So I agree with the comments above, the engine is very hard to use this way.

Could you go over the rework you had to do to get it working again? We’re in the same boat with our Xbox build unfortunately

I love posts like this because they get ignored but i agree the regression is due to them making a new physics engine integration and adding more features that they need for fortnite sadly. i wish they would just take atleast 1 year off of adding features to fix the ones it has now. we have enough for now. focus needs to be put on bug fixes and not features that are broken. its nice to see new things but not when the new things are broken.