UE4 Generalist/Programmer, 3D Artist

Rebel Horizons is a gritty, futuristic, multiplayer science fiction game that will allow players to explore a vast universe and is being developed by Entrada Interactive

Visit our official website at for images and more information about the game - click on the Blog link in the top right of the webpage.

About Us
Entrada Interactive is an indie company that was formed in 2012. Since 2012 we have been developing our CryEngine-based game titled Miscreated - In addition, we are now actively working on our next game, Rebel Horizons, that is being developed using UE4.

General Information
• Game Title: Rebel Horizons
• Platform: PC
• Genre: Multiplayer Sandbox RPG
• Theme: Space Exploration
• Camera View: Third Person
• Engine: UnrealEngine 4

Current Available Positions

All applicants will need to submit some sort of portfolio of their current experience and/or perform a test before joining the team.
All team members work from home and communication and coordination is primarily done via Skype.

UE4 Generalist/Programmer (full-time)
• General Experience with using UE4
• Experience with modifying UE4 source code and making minor enhancements
• Experience with UE4’s blueprint system
• Multiplayer experience recommended
• Skype account (text and audio, video not required)

3D Modeler/Texture Artist (full-time)
• Seeking modelers that can model and import their work into UE4 so they are completely usable in game
• Responsible for creating models and textures
• Existing experience - you will need to demonstrate some of your completed work.
• Skype account (text and audio, video not required)

Media Outlets and Contact Information
Official Website:
YouTube Channel:


Hey Tevans,

Sent you an email.


Looks like a cool game, I love SciFi. :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone that has expressed interest in joining us!

We will continue to accept additional applicants throughout this weekend and then reach out to those we are interested in early this coming week.

Hi Tevans,

Sent you an email as well.

Have a great day!

Thank you. We will be going through all the responses on Monday afternoon and reach out to those we are interested in talking with more on Tuesday.

Hey Tevans I also sent you an email! :o

I’m really loving this project!

also sent you an email :slight_smile:

Emails have been sent to everyone that we’d like to continue the application process with - both the artists and programmers. Good luck to all of you!