UE4 Generalist- Blueprint Expert, Networking, UMG/UI, Level Design, Photoshop, Houdini

Hi There, I’m Zach, I’ve been using UE4 since release, completed one mobile game, worked on 4 long term projects with a team, and have one console/pc game slated for release this year.
I’m a generalist, meaning I’m familiar with nearly every feature of the engine:

C++ - While I do have a solid grasp of C++ it’s not the fastest method for me to work with, I’m much more rapid with Blueprints.

Blueprints - There’s very little I can’t accomplish with Blueprints, which is great news for artists and rapid prototyping. I typically work modularly, allowing artists and other developers to use tech-art tools to tweak and iterate on the fly. I can do gameplay, frameworks, saving/loading, state machines for characters, work with physics, you name it.

Networking - I can work with the ins and outs of replication, optimization, and syncing, and have made fully networked and optimized multiplayer with Steam integration

UI - My favorite aspect of development is UI, I can create nested menus and the back and forth logic, as well as clean, easy to navigate design using multiple inputs.

Level Design - I can create a variety of sandbox elements and tools to help developers churn out rapid prototyping, on games both small and large-scale open world. I also have a firm grasp of Landscape tools.

Animation - I have a very solid grasp of Animation Blueprints, and provided a rigged character and animations, I can set up a smooth animation blueprint.

Additionally, I’m familiar with a number of external programs: Photoshop, FlStudio, Audacity, Maya, and I have a beginner-intermediate understanding of Houdini FX

A small showcase of completed or in-dev work, done 100% in blueprints:

In-house prototype, completed in 8 weeks: War on Zombies

War on Zombies Trailer

Unannounced internal project, first person shooter:

This is a project that has just begun, and is only in the prototyping/preproduction phase. This video showcases roughly two weeks of coding, but features several robust features, such as: advanced movement system (Sprinting, crouching, dodging, climbing, vaulting, air strafing, and bunnyhopping), advanced weapon system(2 slots, fully custom gun variables, weapon switching and swapping, accurate bloom, hitscan, impact force, melee, and holstering), advanced AI(Patrol, attack, hold, retreat, search, advance), all networked for multiplayer.

This video is a follow up using some placeholder assets. This shows off a completely custom shader intended for this project.

This is my work on a Bionicle Fan game, all gameplay mechanics and animation Blueprint are my work, art provided with my direction by other team members

Super Cubiform (In development, Currently Alpha)

Here is the most recent preview for Super Cubiform, showing off a controller-navigable custom menu, post process shaders, and a rough first pass of a challenge mode:

Here is early Alpha footage of Multiplayer:

This video shows the context-sensitive nature of the game, requiring the player to adopt the correct color to interact with certain objects, such as the socket and physics surfaces, which are modifiable on the fly and in-game.

This video shows off a Blueprint portal system, with both portal rendering and physics. This Blueprint is very extensible; it can allow for theoretically any number of pairs of portals, without any hiccup in in rendering or pairing. The portals simply need to be added to the same channel and will work from there

This video shows off some physics assets in the game, particularly the accurate nature of the reflective surface, as it only bounces you at the height you fell from.

This video shows off the various surfaces in the game that modify the players behavior, including a gravity surface. These surfaces also operate on a context-sensitive basis, requiring the player to have the same color.

3d character, 1 week work in progress

I’m also very adept at communicating ideas, and have a few tutorials available for viewing here:

You can contact me through email at: [EMAIL=“”]

A very in-depth tutorial series on developing an RPG type game:

@Ascendancy I added you on Skype :smiley:

Available for work, Programming, UI, Animation, Modelling, Rigging, and networking.

I sent you a email, Id like you to join my project!

Available once again for work, Blueprint and C++ Programming, UI design and programming, Animation systems, Modeling, Rigging, and VFX. Email me at [EMAIL=“”]

Available once again, Blueprints, UI, AI, VFX, production management.
Email me at

Third person game ( shooting)

the task will be: i had locomotion system + interaction system both of then bought it from the marketplace and I want to put them together in the same game { I would prefer we connected through ZOOM and I share the screen and you do the work by controlling my PC}

My discord : Vetx#4822

Available again for programming work

Hello friend, I would like to know how much your services are worth

Just depends on what you need! Shoot me an email with your project.

I’m available again for work!

Available for work again!

Bumping, available for work again!