UE4 Gameplay Ability System Tutor (C++)


My name is Blake, I’m working on a online medieval RPG and I’m looking for some help replacing prototyped BP abilities with UE4 Gameplay abilities using the GAS system.

The game is in a playable MVP state, hosted on the cloud and replicated using a dedicated server.

Over the last year of development, I’ve gained a solid grasp of UE4 and the BP system. I’ve started to dabble with C++ which the project so-far uses lightly. However my knowledge of the GAS system and C++ isn’t strong enough to do this alone.

This would be ideal for a seasoned GAS veteran looking for some extra flexible work on a project with a lot of passion in it. Bonus if you are familiar with the OWS plugin.

If you’re interested, let me know your rates and availability and we can set up a call on discord (CrunchyNut#8048)