UE4 Gameplay Ability System Tutor (C++/BP)

A small team working on an online RPG Adventure game is looking for some support with the programming side to help tackle full implementation of the UE4 Gameplay Ability System (GAS) into the project. We’re looking for a helpful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic developer with experience implementing GAS in a networked environment to tutor our developer via Skype/Discord for a few hours a week.

The project is in early-alpha stage working on one of its last ‘core’ mechanics of the game - combat. We’ve implemented a fairly vanilla GAS system that works well, but customising the system to the specific gameplay needs of the project is beyond our technical confidence (things like ability icons, UI updates, ability swapping linked to weapon types etc.).

N.B. This is focused on the hard, un-documented side of GAS. Things like (GameplayAbilitySpecHandle, GameplayAbilityUIData, GameplayEffectExecutionCalculation) etc. The easy stuff (setting up Attributes that replicate, getting basic abilities to work etc.) has already been done and is working :slight_smile:

If things work out well, we’d love to extend this support to other systems of the game!

If this sounds interesting, send me a DM on discord @CrunchyNut #8048 and let’s chat!