UE4 Game moddable via Workshop

Greetings Community,

I was asking about If it is possible to make my game moddable like add custom content ( maps meshes etc ) via pak or something else.
And if yes how?

Hope someone knows more about this…


I imagine you checked out how UT implements mods with pak files? Well all you need to do from there is use the ISteamUGC interface through the Steamworks API to upload files and iterate subscribed content. Once you have the first part implemented, implementing Steam Workshop functionality is fairly trivial.

But be aware that distributing your editor builds is against the TOS. ARK: Survival Evolved have a deal with Epic to distribute their mod tools through the Epic launcher.

Oh well thats bad and how about you have a addons folder and you can insert paks into it and it gets loaded on startup with reference ‘Content/Addons/’ ( Maps, Sounds,Models,Materials,Textures ) Allowed.
And you can create those easily with the unreal engine editor?

That would be something …

i think this is what your looking for A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

not sure how well its supported atm

Steam Workshop doesn’t work that way. Using the ISteamUGC API you are uploading folder contents rather than files and the Steam client downloads Workshop subscriptions to a totally separate directory than your game installation folder.

See Geodav’s link for info on packaging a mod. ARK: Survival Evolved rolls its own tools to make packaging mods for Steam Workshop a lot easier and I would advise you look at those tools to draw inspiration from.

@Geodev Yeah I saw that link but if someone wants to make a mod he needs the source from the game and that is not what we want we want that the community can build mods with the open version of unreal without accessing the main sourcecode … I guess it will be hard to make such thing…

i hope in the future it will be easier but don’t hold your breath.

at first i though it would work just with the released game and a version of UE4, i couldn’t test it so i left it alone. sorry can’t help more than that.

all i can surgest is to make a smallish test project to see how much you can access and how much you can restrict, i’m sure you can bloack the code access but not the bp’s but i might be wrong