Ue4 game lagging on my laptop

I have been working on ue4 from 1 week and I have made a small forest path with ue4 demo collection after I finished the laptop was really lagging as ■■■■ it was like 15 fps or less, I thought it’s just on the editor so I launched the game then I opened it and it was lagging as the editor, any solutions? My laptop is not bad
Laptop details:
Processor : Intel (R) Core™ i5-4288U CPU @ 2.60 GHz 2.60 GHz
Ram : 8 GB rams
System type : 64 bit
Windows : 8.1

If you think it’s not good for ue4, so why when I launch the game and it’s just a small forest path it become lagging? I mean I can play GTA v or any other high quality games, and my pc can’t run a 1 meter forest path?!

I really need help

Which graphics card does your laptop use?Also include the model of the graphics card.
Remember games like GTA V are already optimised, optimised games perform better.

First try reducing Engine Scalability under Settings to medium.
Then apply cull distance to your foliage to improve performance.

Reducing graphics will make the game really bad when finished, would that damage the game graphics? And what do you mean with optimized game?

Yes reducing the graphics will reduce the quality of the final game. What I mean by optimization is, for example, using cull distance on foliage(trees,grass,rocks) so that when you’re a certain distance away from a group of foliage they gradually disappear and re-appear when getting closer to it. That way the engine is not working too hard to render dense amounts of foliage at once.