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Project Title: THUNDER!

THUNDER: Throne Wars Update!

Our artists have been hard at work. Look at that amazing concept art! All our development teams are putting in so much effort and we could not be where we are without them! Our teams do have a secret, a surprise they are working on. We can’t wait until it is complete, and can show you! Keep connected to our socials for all the thrilling updates!

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Make sure you sign up for our multiplayer game test at iplaymore.com And watch our gameplay videos on the home page.

Do you have a passion for video games? Do you have talent/experience in video game development? Want to be part of an amazing team? Check out our careers tab on our website iplaymore.com for the available positions and email your resume to our HR team at hr@iplaymore.com

About the Position

You embody love and passion for working in entertainment that is good for players. You will work remotely. You will track your time. Plan to set forward your hourly wage and currency of choice. We are a start-up company. You will begin at least part-time so we can name you and add your skills to our team in our Business Plan. You may go full time, up to 40-to-50 hours a week, once the budget is in our control (this will be any day now). IMU Studios Inc. is seeking various roles for Contract work. It begins as royalty to set up the team, then becomes full-time paid work.

About the Game

Our Cinematic Television Episodes take place inside our game’s environments; making it all one thing. Playable stories with complete player freedom and meaningful challenges. Our game is an open-world FPS, outdoor arena game with RPG elements. We make memorable experiences, to focus players on wider gameplay. Allowing them to freely explore and discover all of the beautiful details that we have built out. TEAM IMU creates environments that players can experience in awe, all built on this beautiful Unreal Video Game Engine.

About the Company

IMU Studios is all about creating a refreshing experience for gamers. It’s got to be thrilling. It’s got to shake the foundations of the industries we enter. We are assembling a team of video game underdogs, who are hungry to be the next heroes. Together we are pushing everything to be more thrilling. We’ve got a lot done; we’ve got a long way to go.

Our project has both a mobile item exchange application design and a fresh and exciting FPS 3D game that work together in harmony. The free App and game are uniquely designed as ‘better than free to play’, creating a real benefit to gamers as well as a way to market our game. iPlayMore is a start-up company owned by IMU Studios Inc., which owns a mature Intellectual Property called THUNDER © ™. This is made up of a thoughtfully designed first-person, open-world, video game with RPG elements, and a deep story told across novels and cinematic lore. Monetized by Virtual Goods, players can buy, sell and rent game gear. Together, we are making a thrilling multiplayer prototype, drawn from our design, driving the compelling stories of our characters.

IMU Studios was founded when game developer Robert Strutin’s market research revealed fresh opportunities in the video game industry, crossing market lines of game and money. Our home studio is nestled in the beautiful, inspiring mountains of British Columbia, Canada, with active Team Members contributing worldwide. Our expert team of game developers and artists are passionate about their craft and producing profound entertainment experiences. We create exhilarating video games that enrich your life and empower you as a player.

Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you would like to join.

Website: iplaymore.com (watch the videos)


Email: hr@iPlayMore.com
Skype: live:cindy_smith_2
Discord: iPlayMore add/PM cindys#2030

Can you please list up those 50 games you claimed to have made?
Where is that progress video you mention?


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OH! Just saw this I would LOVE to do that, I see others doing that, can you tell me how?

Hi, I am interested for positions:

[OPEN] Lead Level Designer
[OPEN] experienced Level Designers

Sent you a private reply. I’m not getting notices on my posts here.

I replied to this privately, but I cannot find it. So I will reply here again. As a company, we have only ever worked on our two PC prototypes and the App design, we are a start-up company with a matured IP. The 50 games the team has shipped are the team’s reputation. Our Executive Producer has shipped 38-39 games now himself with other companies. This game we are making is deep, it comes with a 300-page novel (story), and is our only focus at this time.

Weekly Progress Videos are live Saturday’s on Twitch and YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/iPlayMorecom
You may ask me questions live if you like. Thanks!

Our left-hand Scepters. Common. Lightning. Fire. Ice. Storms. This game is an FPS/RPG hybrid.

These are our Power-ups now in the game.

​​​​​​​Here is a Brood Fortress we have in the game.

Bumping updated Post for Jobs page http://iplaymore.com/jobs

Updated Freelance Opportunities here: http://iplaymore.com/jobs

Updated Freelance Opportunities here: http://iplaymore.com/jobs

Updated Freelance Opportunities here: http://iplaymore.com/jobs

Updated Freelance Opportunities here: http://iplaymore.com/jobs

Updated Freelance Opportunities here: http://iplaymore.com/jobs

Updated Freelance Opportunities here: http://iplaymore.com/jobs

Updated Freelance Opportunities here: http://iplaymore.com/jobs

Updated Freelance Opportunities here: http://iplaymore.com/jobs