UE4 Freezing

When i add an object to the map even being an empty one, my UE4 just freezes a few seconds later but its different from “”“UE4 HAS STOPPED WORKING”“”, i can still hear sounds and the UE4 is still running… the image freezes but still the image is there.If i press alt + f4 the message to save my project appears but for a second the image just updates and then freezes again. if i press without stopping the image keeps updating… for example if i start the game i will only know that it started if i press alt + f4…if i jump for example i wont see my character jumping… only if i press alt + f4 without stopping… its a weird glitch… i tried to install again, tried 4.25,4,23,4,20 and nothing helped, tried as admin, with windows compatibility, tried with low graphics

Windows 7 Pro
Graphic Card = Rx 570
Processor = FX 6300
Direct X = 11

12 Gb of Ram

Here are some steps you can try.

  1. Verify Unreal Engine 4.

  2. Upgrade your graphic card.

  3. Make a scan for bad ram on your computer

  4. Make sure your antivirus and firewall don’t interfere with Unreal Engine

  5. Try to disconnect your internet connection and see if that works.

  6. Make a scan for bad ram on your computer.

Tell me if any of this did help you or if you need more help.