UE4 freezing on startup, tasks blocking project files even after PC restart

For a TL;DR read the bold

I was working in the Editor when it froze beyond Taskmanagers capabilities (while i wasn’t doing anything). When i restarted the PC and launched my project, UE4 would freeze each time at >90%.
To go back to a more or less clean version i wanted to delete all generated files. Upon deleting the “Binaries” folder, Windows tells me the folder is in use. Because i already killed UE4, i restarted the PC once again only to find that the Binaries folder is still occupied.

The Windows Process Explorer tells me that there are indeed 3 UE4Editor.exe tasks occupying files from the Binaries folder, even though UE4 or even the Epic Launcher hasn’t even been started yet.
When i try to kill the task inside Taskmanager it’s telling me “Access is denied”, even if i run it as Admin. When i try to kill the task over the cmd with “Taskkill” it’s telling me “There is no running instance of the task”.
I don’t know what i’m supposed to do now.

If you need any logs, specs, infos let me know