UE4 Freezes When Pressing Play in Engine

Hey! I’ve been really excited to get to making mods for ARK but every time I launch the ARK tab in the UE4 launcher and press Play in the TestMap, the engine freezes. I have to end the process via Task Manager. Any idea how to fix this? I’ve already tried Windows 7 & 8 compatibility as well as running as admin.

The DevKit needs to compile shaders and build/load references into memory. This will freeze the DevKit for a period of time, which will depend mainly on the speed of the storage you have it running from. Just let it do its thing, it only needs to do this once each time after it’s opened.


Remember to run the game as a standalone. Else the engine will crash.

No, it won’t. If you’re experiencing crashes then it’s a local issue.

Playing in the Editor (PIE) is 95% of the time how testing is done.


What i mean is using the “play as standalone” in the editor. Not the game itself :slight_smile:

And I’m referring to playing directly inside the editor, or through any of it’s various testing methods.

Viewport, new viewport, dedicated, or standalone won’t crash unless you’ve got a local issue.

I do all of my testing directly in the editor itself, or in a separate viewport/window so I can debug my graphs in real-time, the only time the devkit has crashed during this is because of errors in my graphs/assets.