UE4 free version to make GAME DEMOS

Hello there~ I’m newbie here~ I would like to ask you something…

Can we use UE4 free version to make game demos until we have enough money to paying UE4 full version? Or maybe we can make a game with UE4 free version and realease it?

Because my friend and I will make a game but we don’t have much money to pay UE4 full version, we will use UE4 free version to make some demos and promote to get more funds for paying UE4 full version…

Please help us… >.<
Thank You :smiley:


Hey there,

there is no free version of Unreal Engine 4.

Either you get a 1 Year Key from Github, available for Students or you get a 1 Month key
in some kind of a giveaway (if there is one).

Without that you need to buy the Engine for 20$ per Month and per Seat.

After you payed the first month, you can cancel the subscription and continue using
the latest update you received during this month. If you want to get access to later
updates you will need to resubscripe.

So for the beginning you two only need to pay 20$ each once.

Everything else is considered as a pirated version of the Unreal Engine 4 and is illegal.


There is no free version, you pay per month per machine.

I think you mean UDK (Unreal Engine 3)? -> yes, you can create the game without paying the 90$. Before you release it, just pay those 90$. :wink:

Thanks guys, i really don’t know if UE4 didn’t have free version, i think it same as UDK 3 >.<

But all of your information is really help us, thanks guys i’ll try your suggestion :smiley:

After you purchase a month you can par-take in the monthly game jam and earn a 30 day sub,
it’s been really helpful keeping me up to date lately since subscriptions are out of my budget.

And they are really fun to do regardless.