UE4, FPS Drop after Few Updates?50% Loss

Hey Guys.
i have an Question on a Empty scene on my Project i get “60-65 FPS”(Use VXGI Branch) EPIC(NO VXGI)
on a Empty Scene on a NEW Created VXGI Project i have 120 FPS. EPIC(VXGI with Models the Chair Scene)

So i must say my Project is from 4.6- to 4.17 Updated…so there are a FEW FEW Updates, but Why are the Performance so Insane BAD Update for Update? Yeahr for Yeahr

First i thought my Character BP is it, but no, When i have an EMPTY Scene on my Project(creating) and even on LOW the FPS are 60-65 so there must something that hits the Performance BADLY; and Something that to do with Update Changes.

… so any Ideas? i dont Plan to recreate everything again BECAUSE theres a LOT of WORK IN IT.
But i dont even get 60 FPS on my Game Anymore.
But i need more Performance on this,because the Same problem is on my Entire Map i guess.

I hope someone have Ideas… thanks !
Win 7 64
32 GB Ram
1070 Amp Ext

I barly understood anything but hey UE4 has a Tool to Profile Performance and find out where the Bottleneck is. Feel free to use it =)

and many more if you search the internet.

Mhh… Thanks for your answer ! Okay i was trying the Profiler of the CPU and i see a lots of RED Stats…


oh and on “Stat Game”

i have also : World Tick Time
Tick Time 9MS
BlueprintTime6 MS

… anyone some ideas?

CPU Stall it means it waits for something else to Complete. Usually your GPU. You got to dig deeper and look at more things than that. (try YouTube, Epic made couple of Training Sessions on profiling and many others from the community)

I (and others) can´t help you with just that information sorry ^^