UE4 Forum a big disapointment

Well UE4 game engine is great, but i do find the forum disapointing me. i dont think i ask for help ever again, i prefer cancer, i think i might cut myself off from this forum, without ruddness, i not good enough for this forum, well i got enough to keep myself busy, Blender UE4, and eventually UE5, but reframe from forum, also i have a market place i signed up for, to become a seller, now i see the truth, no one deserve, anything i sell in the future, a really good punishment, so this is a goodbye all the best to all, with all your game engine glitches, bonvoyage.

[USER=“35”]Tim Sweeney[/USER]

Sorry to see you go (nice work here btw). Unfortunately from about 2017 on, Tim Sweeney and the other execs at Epic let the forums / answerhub die.:mad: Most use Twitter and other channels anyway. It doesn’t look like the release of UE5 will change any of that, as Epic appear swamped / disorganized / disinterested (just look at the docs;)). So essentially, Indies and small studios are on their own. But Epic still need Indies to file bug reports, so keep filing serfs. :stuck_out_tongue:

As you say UE tech is great… But long term what’s going to happen? IDK but decadence often leads to complacency, and that opens the door for competing engines to come along and usurp UE. Overall, Fortnite has been toxic to the progress and stability of the engine. And toxic too, to the work culture at Epic. But hey you can be sure it paid for some nice lambos and mansions in NC (probably not so much for the workers ofc, more for the ‘I’ve got mine’ class).:rolleyes:

[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER]

Nah, forums are better than cancer. Are you disappointed because you’re not getting the answers you hoped for? Or reading other people’s threads makes you sick?

I tried to read you question here:

But it’s written in such a way that I fail to understand what you’re really asking. For example:

What are we supposed to do with this?


This has been covered many, many times and is a single YT search away:
The second example is notorious and a frustrating experience for people who provide answers. :slight_smile:
Can’t say anything about the marketplace as I hardly use it. The interface is sluggish, tis all I know but that says more about the launcher.