UE4 - forest environment 'Emerald' final tuned

Hello~! :slight_smile:

‘Emerald’ was Final tuned.

Used a 3Dsmax, Z-brush, Photoshop, UE4 When i create scene.

I want to assessment you for scene.

Thank you for reading article :slight_smile:

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Excellent work mate!

looks very impressive, love the amount of detail you squeezed into those rocks and overall texture/material quality

Very nice :slight_smile: The rocks and ground shader are especially !

work ! All of the scene shots that you are sharing look amazing. Keep up the great work!

Very outstanding job, looks very good. =)

Very cool!

Holy baby jesus, is wonderful! Care to share any of your techniques on how you achieved your foliage / ground materials? Keep it up!

Yeah also interested, translucent water with reflections?

My guess is a SceneCaptureCube and a material using a CustomReflection node if it is a water material, or it could also be an opaque material using some vertex paint (it doesn’t look all that deep). But not entirely sure.

@ any secrets you’d like to share?? :smiley:

And work! Such attention to detail, really great job!

I’ll show you how to clean up afterwards material structure.:slight_smile:

Yes. materian using vertex painting Structure of material is similar to the ground material of the “” project.

Thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile:

Beautiful work. Any special lighting techniques?

Brilliant work man! The color schemes and the feel alone are great! Not to mention how you set up your level is very aesthetically pleasing!

I am so in love with those mushrooms!
I want to hug and squeeze them.

not eat them though, might get sick XD

is great! Can you upload a playable version?

Great post!