UE4 for Transportation Visualisation

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for some insight in whether Unreal would fit into my workflow and to the things that I do, and hought that this would probably be the best place to ask. I am currently still enrolled as a MA Student in Transportation Design and recently stumbled over an interesting project on Behance that used UE4 for it’s final Visualisation.

Now I was wondering if it makes any sense for me to also use this tool to visualise my work. During one of my internships I had a presentation about Unity and how it is used in a more Interaction-based level for validating almost production-ready items. I saw the intense amount of coding that went into getting all the UI Elements to actually work in VR and although that’s not the way that I would like to use UE i’m a bit concerned on how much work I would need to invest to just get some nice animations like the one I have mentioned above to work. But I am fascinated by the amount of detail on the textures and the sheer beauty of the renderings.

Now to the core of my question. Is it worth the effort to dig myself into the engine to visualise my transportation projects or am I maybe still better of with the proven solutions like VRED, Keyshot etc.?

Every tip or suggestion is highly appreciated.

Depends on your design tools and what you want to explore. Unreal Studio works with 20 different CAD formats. We provide a template to get you straight from your data into VR. Then it is all up to your creativity and willingness to use Blueprints (visual programming) to explore further interactivity. It costs you nothing to do all this, so perhaps you want to explore the learning tools at