UE4 for simulation

I am looking at using UE4 for simulating the interaction of a lot of different actors. The actors will be driven by a mix of Unreal AI and the instructions they get/send to network calls on some other code. The player here is a passive viewer, the controller of the camera.

So a couple of questions:

Repeatable physics?

  • I am not looking for perfect physics but believable enough physics. It would be nice if two runs always gave the same physics though. I understand that the physics results vary by framerate, if I locked physics to work on time step or something else could I make the physics deterministic?

Running as fast as possible, without visuals

  • In this setup the player has no impact on the world. Is there a way to run physics and network calls at the fastest possible speed, much faster than the global time cap? Maybe to setup a UE4 server that has no players connected, that only runs though its physics and actor movement logic as quick as it can?


i think all you need is actor replication, it’s property in every actor, also you can replicate variables, in this case any connected player in UE4 can be spectator (there’s even built in class for that) and since spectator limited in his actions, he still probably can recieve replicated actors and values, then you can probably make possible actor selection for spectator to see their values, like HP, or skills