UE4 for open world?

Hello Epic Games,

I would like to know, what is the maximum poly count, that UE4 can handle with? Also, is it possible for UE4 to process map with 2x4 km2? Me and my team are planning to develop a game with gameplay similar to S.T.A.L.K.E.R, so streaming levels and huge environments are the main requirements for us.

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Eugene Wozniak

UE4 can handle any poly count depending on the end user’s machine. For open world you should look into World Composition:

This is helpful for stalkers like me who read threads to see answers from you!

Get out of here, Stalker! S.T.A.L.K.E.R reference :o

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Hah, Jacky I am gonna pm you I have a few newbie questions

Keep in mind to use:

-good LOD’s
-low poly meshes
-a well planned map
-foliage tool culling

Those points are pretty important to create an open world :slight_smile:

Are you going to port Stalker Lost Alpha onto Unreal 4 or a new game?

Either way I am excited :smiley:

Stalker was one of my favorite game series.

I hear this a lot, but what is a well planned map?
And by low poly meshes I guess you mean design a zone type system where when a player gets closer it loads higher polys etc to optimize systems? What do you mean by well planned map though?

No, that with loading more pollygons is called LOD. Things to design are for example: forests, mountains. Anything that blocks the view well, so you can stream them in only when seeable. For example in skyrim you can see a lot of mountains used.

Not exactly. That what you are talking about are LOD’s. I really mean low poly meshes. e.g trees with under 2000 tris in LOD0

When you have a wide view so that you can nearly see over the entire map the fps rate will drop. Now when you place a hill/mountain/… between this wide view and the player you will get a better fps rate and you can even cull your meshes :slight_smile:

Yep, exactly what Cube2222 says

Here is an example:

556cce5a915396e7eef4f415183c37919632f7d2.jpeg (same position + same amount of trees) Here you could even cull the trees behind the hills

Of course you will have to do it in better/decent way than I did it in this picture (so that the player still feels like in an open world map) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh makes sense! Thanks!

In terms of making low Tri polys for trees while retaining the view of quality I thought about these ways:

  • High quality textures
  • Good shader/lighting
  • Particle densities around air to make the “atmosphere” slightly visible and dense to give the visual quality that we have in the real world rather than make it seem empty, I think this adds a lot to quality of scenery.
  • make everything that is possible with planes to save tris

e.g this trees have around 1700 tris (except of the trunk and some branches they were made with planes + texture)

e993f021d812ed70b985c5eaf7fc8c6a085c2622.jpeg (still a lot of stuff to improve → shaders, texture,…)

In terms of particles I would recommend you to not use too many of them, because they are not so good for the performance

Amazing, so speedtree wouldn’t be good for this? Are there tutorials on optimizing quality and rendering for it?

That would be good to know :slight_smile: Haven’t used speedtree in the UE4 yet -> just used it in UDK and there the performance wasn’t so good

The quality of the speedtrees?

Dang well I am mistaken, I thought speedtree was optimized and the top software for generating trees. Are there other softwares/plugins to produce a large amount of trees/vegetation without having to pay thousands to individually model/optimize them?

I just said that the performance in UDK wasn’t so good ^^ -> I would wait until somebody that have already used SpeedTree in the UE4 replied to the thread :wink:

But here is another tree generator: Creating Trees Using Tree[d] for Free - YouTube

They seem very very low quality, in the distance they would be fine but to get the level of vegetation that is shown in games like Assassins creed which is top notch dynamic responsive vegetation is tough.
Any clues on how to get something as close as possible? I always aim very high

Unlike UDK’s speedtrees, UE4’s speedtrees are just static meshes. Wind is handled with the shader but i dont think the performance cost would be too different than a handmade tree.

Sorry not sure I understand, for UE4, I didn’t mean the wind part, that’s built into UE4 and can be done with blueprints no?
What I was wondering is how to achieve top quality in vegetation, to try to reach the type of terrain quality shown in the video I posted?