UE4 for Interactive Art and Installations

Hi there, UE4 Community,

I am wondering - how is it possible to use UE4 for interactive art and installations?
Which software and hardware works stable with UE4 for realtime data streaming and processing?

I am wondering as well - do I need to create separate app from UE4 or it is possible to use UE4 editor in live show?

I’ll appreciate any information about human/machine interaction with a help of UE4.


You can run the game in either the PIE or it’s own window (Play > Selected Viewport or Standalone Game), so you don’t NEED to package the game if you don’t want to. To do this would take a more powerful computer than just running it as a game/art installation, though. At the London Unreal Engine Meetup, we’ve had plenty of people showing their projects or VR installations off in the editor.

I’m not sure what sort of data you are streaming, but Datasmith might be what you want. The details are in Unreal Studio. The Beta is free, at the moment.

Hi Jezcentral,

Thank you for your reply.

I am researching possibilities to connect UE4 with Kinect, and thinking of software pipeline - is it better to connect Kinect with UE4 inside of the engine or outside with the help of the middle/software for Kinect?

Maybe you can advise something about Kinect workflow?